Weary of Passive-Aggressive Behavior on Facebook

Lately, I have become quite
disgusted with the manner in which people behave and conduct themselves on
Facebook, myself included at times. What sticks in my craw the most are
passive-aggressive status updates that people post which are directly aimed at a
specific person/persons on ones Facebook friends list. If there is conflict
between two parties, being passive-aggressive about it resolves NOTHING!!!
Often times, the passive-aggressive status updates do not even reach the
intended party, so what is the point? If the updates do reach the intended
party, not only is it hurtful, it’s spiteful and mean for a friend to have
taken the conflict to air publicly, as opposed to handling it as an adult would
do with conversive dialogue between the parties having the disagreement. All
passive-aggressive behavior does is aggravate situations, as it does not
address the issue/situation.

If one has a problem, issue, or
conflict with someone on Facebook, especially with a person who is SUPPOSED to
be a friend, why not pick up the phone and actually ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION, as
opposed to hoping your message will be received, therefore resolving the
conflict without having to actually communicate. Using passive-aggressive forms
of communication is lazy, demeaning, and frankly, cowardice. If the problem
involves someone who is not a friend, a “delete” option is always
available. There really is NO EXCUSE for using this type of so-called
“communication.” I refuse to engage in the game-playing, as it’s all
so very childish.

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Apocalypse Now?

(NOTE: I wrote this blog on January 16, 2011 on another blog site.  It has been removed from that site as of now.)

The word Apocalypse often
invokes ominous feelings when spoken or spoken of as something which is/will
come to be at some point in time. People react to the word with a sense of
fear, dread, and even disbelief that any such event might take place. Those who
react negatively to the word apocalypse seem to be missing the true meaning of
the word, which is not ominous at all. The word apocalypse, in a nutshell,
simply means “awakening.” Here too is the Wikipedia definition: “lifting of the
veil or revelation; a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of
mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.” Apocalypse, when
defined either using my word of choice or the true definition, doesn’t sound
quite so ominous does it? I suppose it depends on exactly what will be revealed
to us.

 As a Christian, I tend to believe part of the
apocalypse or “awakening” will be the revelation to non-believers that indeed
Jesus Christ was and is the one true Messiah, a belief which Christians have
held as truth for over 2,000 years. However, I sense that this knowledge is not
all there is or will be with regards to the great apocalypse. I feel that there
are several possible aspects of knowledge and truth which run along side of the
Christian perspective and may be revealed to us during the apocalyptic era of
time, which I strongly believe is upon us at this very moment in time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not
naïve. I fully realize that throughout history there have been weather
extremes, mass animal deaths, and evil people. But at this point in time, the frightening
and often horrific events are coming at a faster pace; so fast in fact that
many have almost become immune to seeing them. That is the scariest aspect of
the information age—us becoming apathetic to human suffering due to the
bombardment of it in our daily lives via media. But that is another blog.

 I hold such a strong feeling that we, “we” being
mankind, are upon an era of time when something HUGE is going to be revealed to
us—an apocalypse. I sense that our reaction to the revelation will be the
deciding factor as to whether the unveiling will be something positive or
negative for us. I have NUMEROUS ideas/theories as to what the unveiling may
be, including my Christian one, which I expressed earlier on in my blog. As I
stated, the other theories could in fact correlate with my Christian beliefs as
well. I do not choose to go into my theories in this piece, as each theory
could easily qualify as a full blog or article on its own. What I am curious to
know is the theories that others have about what an apocalypse may mean for
mankind. I am always interested in the opinions of others, whether or not I
agree with them. As a friend of mine stated to me a while back, “I am only
interested in the truth”, well, I feel the same. All I want is truth. Where the
truth comes from and the form it will come, I can only speculate upon.

Do I believe that an
apocalypse will mean the end of mankind? The answer is simple, no; I do not
believe that mankind will end due to the revelation. However, I do believe that
it will change the collective consciousness of mankind, which frankly at this
point, could stand some revision, in my opinion. I believe when we pass from
this life we know, that consciousness remains intact, and that death is simply
a transition from a physical form to a non-physical one. From there, I have no
idea where that consciousness travels, but I have many theories, which again,
would lead to more blogs on the subject. Do I think mankind will entirely cease
to exist in physical form on this earth? I sure do! But it probably isn’t going
to happen TODAY! It probably won’t happen tomorrow, next week, or even next
year in 2012. My belief that mankind will cease to exist is based on
prehistoric history. The dinosaurs and all of their fellow earth dwellers were
completely annihilated from existence not once, but TWICE! I feel it’s pompous
of us to believe since we have brains bigger than a nut that we would stand any
better chance of surviving the same kind of catastrophe, whatever it was, which
killed the dinosaur. I feel the annihilation of mankind is inevitable given the
history of our planet and our universe with its unpredictability. If we don’t
singlehandedly destroy our own existence with our pollution, wars, and general
negligence of the health of our planet, an exterior force much greater than us
will destroy all life on it, eventually. That eventuality could occur at any
time, from 5 minutes from now to a million, billion years from now, who knows?

 Meanwhile, back at the bat
cave…just threw that in for kicks… but seriously, meanwhile, I feel that
mankind needs to accept one true awakening; and that is, we cannot sustain
ourselves if we continue on the course we are on now. We have GOT to learn to
be lights of love while we are on this planet and have these lives. We have GOT
to say “no” to evil. We have GOT to stop thinking of only ourselves and our
needs (especially Americans…I hate to say it, but we can be such a selfish,
self-centered and greedy bunch.) We have GOT to do all we can to preserve and
care for our suffering planet. We are not yet prepared to invade Mars with our
presence. We have nowhere else to live but here. Mother earth is sending us a
warning, and we desperately need to listen, heed it and take action!

 I feel that it is time for
us to awaken to the idea that there is a force, call it God, call it “a
being of light”, call it Jah, call it Jehovah, call it energy, whatever
you choose to call it, which is so much bigger than us that we are but a grain
of sand on a beach in comparison to it; Yet that being acknowledges each and
every one of us, whether we choose to believe in it or not. That being believes
in and loves US, whether we believe in it or not. As a Christian, I believe
that being is God, but I don’t proclaim to be absolutely correct in using that
title. What I do know is that I feel the presence of this being in my heart and
soul, and it gives me peace of mind, even during this trying and sometimes
scary era of time of which I am a part of. It is my hope that the spirit of
this light being, again, call it what you will, will fill the hearts of
everyone with its light and love. That is my hope for mankind—that we will
awaken to the fact that something bigger is with us, always and forever.

 In concluding, I would like
to ask that we not look away from the “signs” of the apocalypse if that is
really what they are. Seek only the truth though and be wary of being swayed by
disinformation. I personally have a tendency to be rather easily swayed by
persuasive speakers. I never believed I was the type of person who could fall
prey to those who “preach” rhetoric, but apparently, I was wrong. I can listen
to one side of an issue and be completely convinced of its validity; then I
turn around and listen to the opposing side of an issue and become completely
convinced of its validity as well. UGH! Sometimes I’m pulled so many ways that
I feel it will take forever to know truth. However, I keep seeking truth, never
doubting that I’ll find it eventually and will find myself truly awakened.
Apocalypse is not such a scary word as it relates to awakening, depending upon
what the “truth” happens to be. That has yet to be determined, but let us keep
a watchful eye for it.

Peace out!

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