Christian Persecution

2 Timothy 3:12~~ “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

2 Timothy was written by the apostle Paul 66-67 AD. Almost 2,000 years ago, Paul told Christians what we would face throughout history due to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul was not only correct in his writings, but his words ring truer in today’s times more than ever. Christians today face persecution on at every level imaginable. We are stereotyped, mocked, shunned, silenced, and challenged regarding our faith on a daily basis via the media, social networks, and employment and educational establishments. We are expected to keep our views, faith, and beliefs behind closed doors. The same people who scream and cry that it’s their right not to be subjected to anything regarding Christianity or God and the ones who consistently impose their own beliefs on us cannot seem to see how in stifling our ability to worship openly and publicly they themselves are hypocrites. It’s alright to cram atheism down our throats and by God, or not I should say, we’d better shut up and quietly accept their intolerance.

During modern times, the principles of the Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ were taken out of schools to avoid squashing the “rights” of non-believers as well as those of other faiths. By the way, most other religions believe in God, but not necessarily the teachings of Jesus. But God is present in their religions. It’s all the same God. That being said, I’d like to ask atheists this question:  When prayer and theology was a part of the start of every school day did you ever hear of any school shootings? When God was the foundation of the family, morals and values instilled into children school shootings were unheard of. Do you particularly like the fact that children nowadays face much more than the school bully each day? Children are now met with metal detectors and security guards when they enter the school doors. Do you suppose this makes for a happier more peaceful environment than when they began the day in fellowship?

And I know where you will go next with this argument. You will state that the problem lies with gun ownership and that guns should be removed from the home and the problem will then magically disappear. During the days of prayer and theology in school, guns were in homes too. Children were either taught how to use a gun properly, or taught that they could be dangerous. Children were taught not to play with guns or they would have their behinds promptly spanked. No school shootings occurred, end of story.

It wasn’t enough for atheists to cry until prayer was taken out of school. Then they began crying about other stuff, stupid, petty stuff like someone simply wishing them “Merry Christmas.” Let me remind you that 85% of Americans still believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and that this country was founded on the principles of Christianity. YOU ARE THE MINORITY!!! So, let me get this straight, 85% of the population should not mention the words “Merry Christmas” nor celebrate the birth of their savior because of a handful of non-believers? How is this fair? It’s not as if the believer said the words “f*** you!” Atheists expect 85% of the people residing in this country to bow down to their beliefs because our beliefs offend them. Again, how hypocritical can you be? If you are so sensitive to Christmas, what it means, what it represents, and to someone mistakenly assuming you celebrate the holiday, then you are a gigantic spoiled rotten baby. No one promised you would never be offended by anything in this life. Grow up! You are the intolerant ones.

Speaking of intolerance, I have been appalled by the recent boycotts of Chick-fil-A restaurants across the nation. First of all, Chick-fil-A was established in 1967, probably before many of you were born. It was founded from the beginning by a Christian who promoted Christian values. This fact isn’t something which JUST came into being. The reason Liberals, in particular, are boycotting Chick-fil-A is because the owner does not believe in the rights of gays to marry. The owner of the restaurant is an elderly man. Not sure how old he is, but my best guess would be well over the age of 75. This man grew up during a time period when people were not allowed to be openly gay. Let me ask you this: How do your parents and/or grandparents feel about gay marriage? Do they approve of it? If not, would you want people to boycott their business because of their personal beliefs? Would you want to be boycotted in some form due to your personal beliefs? If not, then maybe you need to rethink your view regarding boycotting another person for his/her beliefs.

And I keep hearing the argument that, “well, this organization provides financial support to anti-gay organizations.” Who’s money is it? It’s his money that he earned, and it’s his right to support any group he chooses, just as it’s your right to donate your money to organizations of your choosing. What it boils down to is that you don’t agree with his viewpoint therefore you choose engage in hate and intolerance. Do not claim to be liberal minded when you hate and engage in intolerance of anyone who doesn’t believe the way you think they should.

Let me clarify something before I carry on further. I am pro gay rights. To me, love is love, and the union of two people in a committed relationship is a beautiful thing. I understand the reasoning behind gays wanting the rights to marry. They should have the rights that heterosexual couples have to benefits, to make decisions about their partner’s health in terminal situations and such. But not everyone feels the same, especially those of an older generation such as the founder of Chick-fil-A restaurant. But I don’t feel the need to stifle anyone for his/her beliefs. From what I’ve seen, the chain has been unaffected by the boycott anyway, so the point is mute.

There is an all out assault on Christianity nowadays, and frankly, I’m tired of it. Throughout the history of Christianity there have been faithful martyrs who have been forced to sacrifice their lives for their faith in Jesus Christ. With the direction we are heading in this country, we may be facing martyrdom due to our faith in the not so foreseeable future. The mark of the beast is well on its way with the advent of the human microchip. No one of true faith will participate in allowing themselves to be chipped. The attack on our religious freedoms furthers itself with every passing day. We knew this time period was coming though, and we are fully prepared to stand up for, by, and with our Creator and the teachings of His son, Jesus Christ.

For non-believers I’d like to remind you that your time here on earth is very short when compared to eternal life. At the risk of cramming my beliefs down your throat, as you so often whine that we do, I appeal to you to rethink your views regarding God. Not saying you necessarily need to convert to any religion or become a “Bible thumper.” I am a woman of faith, but not a “thumper”, nor am I a member of any religious sect. But I know in my heart that there is ONE GOD who created everything. Believing in God is about faith, not proof. So many non-believers scream for absolute proof that there is a God. If you cannot see God and how He works in your everyday lives, how He made everything align perfectly from each stalk of wheat having an even number of grains, to the fact that the earth rotates around the sun perfectly, then you may never grasp the wonders of His work and creations. Personally, I would find that a sad and empty existence.


About darlaandrews

Basically I am a seeker of knowledge and truth, especially regarding current events of the world and the country where I reside, the United States. As I begin this new blog site, I am 42 years old. I have seen so many changes in the world and my country in my short lifespan, that it has almost become unrecognizable as the same place where I grew up as a child. I find myself more often than not, feeling jaded, upset, angry, and insulted by the things I see happening, and the fact that it seems most people are completely apathetic about very SERIOUS global/national situations. We are living on a planet where people have become so incredibly dumbed-down and narcissistic that they cannot see beyond themselves and their immediate environment. It is my goal with this blog to present truth to the best of my knowledge and ability. I want to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas(ls), with like-minded people who are on the same page with me. But I also hope to reach those who oppose me in my views, if only to cause them to think about the information/thoughts which I present to them. I hope you enjoy my blog, Awakening, and please feel free to comment on anything I write; but I do request that comments be tactful and diplomatic. I am always up for a good debate for those who may disagree with me, but I will not engage in Internet combat. Have a blessed day--- Darla Andrews
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