You’re probably wondering what in the heck a “quib” is, so I’ll fill you in on that
right from the start.  I’m sure you all are
familiar with the word “quip”, meaning “a clever and taunting remark”.  Well, my personal clever and taunting
remarks are “quibs.”  Not to be boastful, but when
it comes to popping off clever and taunting remarks, I am able to hang with
the “big dogs.”  Then again, there are
times I can almost hear a bummer buzzer going off in my head when I say or write
phrases I feel are very clever and I just get funny looks, blank stares, and
no comments.  Ouch!  When that happens, it’s called a quip fail; thus
the word quib.   I’m not claiming that all of my remarks are clever
(although they are usually quite successfully taunting.)  Today’s quibs are observations, ideas, suggestions, and opinions, which may or may not cause you to think, laugh, or
respond, but hopefully will be entertaining to you if nothing else.  So, without further ado, here are some quibs for you to snack on.

The first quib I’d like to present regards the hikers who were just released from
an Iranian prison after having been accused of spying for the U.S.  I’m just going to say how I really feel (that’s called quibbing), without holding back.
The next time 3 idiots decide to go for a nature hike in Iran and get
caught, I think we need to leave them there and not waste our tax dollars, time
and energy with bailing them out of Iranian prison.  We’ve got GREAT places to hike right here in America!  Did you know that?  There’s still plenty of room for nature
hiking in this big ol’ place, but nooooooo, that wasn’t good enough for
the 3 stooges.  The word that came into mind when I first heard of these 3 getting thrown in jail for hiking in Iran was “stupid.”  Now, why would any American
in his/her right mind decide to go for a leisurely hike in IRAN???  “Oh, but Darla, they didn’t mean to go into Iran”, I hear you say.  But what
countries surround Iran?  Iran is surrounded by other nations who don’t particularly care for America/Americans, duh!  What should have occurred once
those hikers were released and reunited with their families, after the hugging
and kissing, should have been a good old fashioned spanking for being so

Next, I’d like to quib about the latest blonde woman to have gone missing in
Aruba, Robyn Gardner.  Okay, I understand why it was a big deal when Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba.  She was an innocent teenager on her senior
class trip.  Holloway was young and inexperienced, so I find it a lot easier to sympathize/empathize with her situation which had such a tragic outcome.  I find
it much more difficult to sympathize with Robyn Gardner for several
reasons.  One, she was a 35 year old woman who should by that age have the common sense not to go off to a foreign country with a man she hardly knew.  Two,
Gardner had a boyfriend at the time she took off with this other guy for a
fun-filled getaway.  Now, the fact that she had someone in her life who loved and cared for her, yet she couldn’t resist the flashy opportunity to take off on trip with another man; sorry but that speaks volumes to me about her character.
“Oh, Darla, you’re judging her!” No, not judging, observing, there is a difference.  I hope with sincerity that Robyn is found safe and alive, but with the passing of time, that becomes more and more unlikely.

Another thing that bothers me about the Robyn Gardner issue is the way our media feels
the need to update us daily regarding her case. What makes Robyn Gardner’s missing person’s case any more important than other missing women’s cases?  Is it
because she’s a pretty, white, blonde woman?  (I mean no offense toward my blonde friends!)  It just seems like when it comes to missing
women, there is always more hoopla when the women are white, especially if they
happen to be pretty and blonde.  It just sticks in my craw how the media stays on this particular case when I know for a fact there are plenty of other beautiful (because all of us are beautiful) missing women who aren’t getting any media attention at all.  The lives of ALL women who are missing are equally important, though perhaps their stories are not as “glamorous” as Ms. Gardner’s.

Well, folks, those are my quibs for today.  I will
be making my quibs a fairly regular part of my “Awakening” blogspot, so please
keep checking my site for more!  I won’t
always post all of my blogs to Facebook, which is why you need to check my site
on a regular basis.  You don’t want to
miss a word!  Have a safe and happy Sunday!  🙂


P.S. The next time I misspell the word “clever” 5 or  6 times in one paragraph, will someone please bring that to my attention!  I was re-reading my blogs today and noticed that I spelled “clever” like “cleaver” every time I spelled it.  It bugs the crap out of me when I see misspellings and grammatical errors in my blogs.  Thanks!


About darlaandrews

Basically I am a seeker of knowledge and truth, especially regarding current events of the world and the country where I reside, the United States. As I begin this new blog site, I am 42 years old. I have seen so many changes in the world and my country in my short lifespan, that it has almost become unrecognizable as the same place where I grew up as a child. I find myself more often than not, feeling jaded, upset, angry, and insulted by the things I see happening, and the fact that it seems most people are completely apathetic about very SERIOUS global/national situations. We are living on a planet where people have become so incredibly dumbed-down and narcissistic that they cannot see beyond themselves and their immediate environment. It is my goal with this blog to present truth to the best of my knowledge and ability. I want to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas(ls), with like-minded people who are on the same page with me. But I also hope to reach those who oppose me in my views, if only to cause them to think about the information/thoughts which I present to them. I hope you enjoy my blog, Awakening, and please feel free to comment on anything I write; but I do request that comments be tactful and diplomatic. I am always up for a good debate for those who may disagree with me, but I will not engage in Internet combat. Have a blessed day--- Darla Andrews
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