Wake Up! (The Globalist Agenda)

All I can say regarding the US Navy SEAL helicopter which was downed today in Afghanistan, killing 30, including those who participated in the supposed assassination of Osama bin Laden, is how VERY convenient!  God rest the souls of the men who were sacrificed today for the sake of a government so severely wicked that it would do anything to keep the war in Afghanistan hot.  When the American people were finally starting to wake up to the fact that we really needn’t be in Afghanistan, nor Iraq any longer, things just happened to take a turn for the worse.  How convenient!  We will NEVER see an end to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya because the globalist powers that be want them to continue at all costs.  It doesn’t matter who they pawn in the process toward accomplishing their agenda, which will ultimately be World War III.

And I’m sorry to be the harbinger of gloom and doom, but there also will be no end to our failing economy.  You see, the Globalist Agenda will not allow our economy to heal, because the goal is a world economic collapse.  If the United States is “taken down” economically, it will cause the grand world economic collapse, (well, with the exception of China),  therefore ensuing the “need” for a One World Government.  It is yet another ploy on the end of big banking and big politics to gain control of the world population at large.  A huge part of the plan to gain control of US citizens in particular, includes keeping our military busy in so many other places that we are left all but helpless here on our own soil.  You think it’s an accident that we are currently participating in 3 wars?  

When our economy hits rock bottom and the dollar officially becomes worthless, there will be chaos in this country, just as there has been in Greece and other nations who’ve experienced economic collapse.  People will riot in the streets, and that is when martial law will take effect.  What little military we have left on US soil will be here strictly for the purpose of manhandling and corralling its own citizens.  Best to hunker down and bare with it if/when this happens.  We thought life as we know it went out the window with 9-11, but it will be small potatoes comparing to what life will be like post US economic collapse.  It will literally come down to people fighting over a loaf of bread.  At that point, we will no longer be the once strong and proud first world United States of America.  We will wake up to find ourselves  living in a third world country.  Those on top will remain there while the rest of us will be but little roaches under the soles of the Globalists’ feet. 

It weighs heavily on me that your typical American Joe and Jane Schmo cannot see the big picture of what is happening to our country.  I implied earlier that the Globalist Agenda began with 9-11, but that isn’t exactly so.  The plan for a One World Government has been in the works for decades, if you look back.  We all know the assassination of JFK was no accident, and we also know Lee Harvey Oswald was a total patsy, just as he stated the day he was apprehended.  The assassination of JFK was yet another “convenience” to our government.  He simply knew too much and wanted to let the rest of us poor saps in on it!  Any big official who planned to spill the beans to the roaches were to be eliminated.  Any political leader viewed as a potential whistleblower past and future will not be allowed to live long enough to do so.  

I do not believe for ONE moment that the downing of the Navy SEALS helicopter today was the work of the Taliban.  It’s simply much too convenient for the exact men who supposedly killed Osama bin Laden to have perished in the attack.  This is yet another cover-up for dark and evil black operations on the part of the Globalists.  They are feeding us pure s**t, and we are lapping it up!!!  They are laughing in our faces as their plans fall into place, and Americans are too focused on the television show “Big Brother” to pay attention to the REAL BIG BROTHER!!!  

This is a call to everyone and anyone who wants to save what is left of life as we know it!  If you want to maintain and sustain any semblance of freedom, you have to first wake up to the Globalist Agenda.  They CAN BE STOPPED!  But we can only stop them by taking the blinders from our eyes, standing together, and refusing to accept being treated like insignificant worker ants!  We cannot allow ourselves to become pawns in their game any further than we already have by passively accepting the Patriot Act and the TSA.  We have to plant the big sole of our collective feet straight in the buttocks of the Globalists by letting them know we are on to them, and we aren’t going to stand for enslavement.  We have to let them know that we WILL NOT accept innocent people being used as pawns in their sick, twisted, evil game.  They pawned those Navy SEALS who died in the crash today because they knew too much.  I will never be convinced otherwise.

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About darlaandrews

Basically I am a seeker of knowledge and truth, especially regarding current events of the world and the country where I reside, the United States. As I begin this new blog site, I am 42 years old. I have seen so many changes in the world and my country in my short lifespan, that it has almost become unrecognizable as the same place where I grew up as a child. I find myself more often than not, feeling jaded, upset, angry, and insulted by the things I see happening, and the fact that it seems most people are completely apathetic about very SERIOUS global/national situations. We are living on a planet where people have become so incredibly dumbed-down and narcissistic that they cannot see beyond themselves and their immediate environment. It is my goal with this blog to present truth to the best of my knowledge and ability. I want to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas(ls), with like-minded people who are on the same page with me. But I also hope to reach those who oppose me in my views, if only to cause them to think about the information/thoughts which I present to them. I hope you enjoy my blog, Awakening, and please feel free to comment on anything I write; but I do request that comments be tactful and diplomatic. I am always up for a good debate for those who may disagree with me, but I will not engage in Internet combat. Have a blessed day--- Darla Andrews
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