Weary of Passive-Aggressive Behavior on Facebook

Lately, I have become quite
disgusted with the manner in which people behave and conduct themselves on
Facebook, myself included at times. What sticks in my craw the most are
passive-aggressive status updates that people post which are directly aimed at a
specific person/persons on ones Facebook friends list. If there is conflict
between two parties, being passive-aggressive about it resolves NOTHING!!!
Often times, the passive-aggressive status updates do not even reach the
intended party, so what is the point? If the updates do reach the intended
party, not only is it hurtful, it’s spiteful and mean for a friend to have
taken the conflict to air publicly, as opposed to handling it as an adult would
do with conversive dialogue between the parties having the disagreement. All
passive-aggressive behavior does is aggravate situations, as it does not
address the issue/situation.

If one has a problem, issue, or
conflict with someone on Facebook, especially with a person who is SUPPOSED to
be a friend, why not pick up the phone and actually ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION, as
opposed to hoping your message will be received, therefore resolving the
conflict without having to actually communicate. Using passive-aggressive forms
of communication is lazy, demeaning, and frankly, cowardice. If the problem
involves someone who is not a friend, a “delete” option is always
available. There really is NO EXCUSE for using this type of so-called
“communication.” I refuse to engage in the game-playing, as it’s all
so very childish.


About darlaandrews

Basically I am a seeker of knowledge and truth, especially regarding current events of the world and the country where I reside, the United States. As I begin this new blog site, I am 42 years old. I have seen so many changes in the world and my country in my short lifespan, that it has almost become unrecognizable as the same place where I grew up as a child. I find myself more often than not, feeling jaded, upset, angry, and insulted by the things I see happening, and the fact that it seems most people are completely apathetic about very SERIOUS global/national situations. We are living on a planet where people have become so incredibly dumbed-down and narcissistic that they cannot see beyond themselves and their immediate environment. It is my goal with this blog to present truth to the best of my knowledge and ability. I want to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas(ls), with like-minded people who are on the same page with me. But I also hope to reach those who oppose me in my views, if only to cause them to think about the information/thoughts which I present to them. I hope you enjoy my blog, Awakening, and please feel free to comment on anything I write; but I do request that comments be tactful and diplomatic. I am always up for a good debate for those who may disagree with me, but I will not engage in Internet combat. Have a blessed day--- Darla Andrews
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