Christian Persecution

2 Timothy 3:12~~ “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

2 Timothy was written by the apostle Paul 66-67 AD. Almost 2,000 years ago, Paul told Christians what we would face throughout history due to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul was not only correct in his writings, but his words ring truer in today’s times more than ever. Christians today face persecution on at every level imaginable. We are stereotyped, mocked, shunned, silenced, and challenged regarding our faith on a daily basis via the media, social networks, and employment and educational establishments. We are expected to keep our views, faith, and beliefs behind closed doors. The same people who scream and cry that it’s their right not to be subjected to anything regarding Christianity or God and the ones who consistently impose their own beliefs on us cannot seem to see how in stifling our ability to worship openly and publicly they themselves are hypocrites. It’s alright to cram atheism down our throats and by God, or not I should say, we’d better shut up and quietly accept their intolerance.

During modern times, the principles of the Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ were taken out of schools to avoid squashing the “rights” of non-believers as well as those of other faiths. By the way, most other religions believe in God, but not necessarily the teachings of Jesus. But God is present in their religions. It’s all the same God. That being said, I’d like to ask atheists this question:  When prayer and theology was a part of the start of every school day did you ever hear of any school shootings? When God was the foundation of the family, morals and values instilled into children school shootings were unheard of. Do you particularly like the fact that children nowadays face much more than the school bully each day? Children are now met with metal detectors and security guards when they enter the school doors. Do you suppose this makes for a happier more peaceful environment than when they began the day in fellowship?

And I know where you will go next with this argument. You will state that the problem lies with gun ownership and that guns should be removed from the home and the problem will then magically disappear. During the days of prayer and theology in school, guns were in homes too. Children were either taught how to use a gun properly, or taught that they could be dangerous. Children were taught not to play with guns or they would have their behinds promptly spanked. No school shootings occurred, end of story.

It wasn’t enough for atheists to cry until prayer was taken out of school. Then they began crying about other stuff, stupid, petty stuff like someone simply wishing them “Merry Christmas.” Let me remind you that 85% of Americans still believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and that this country was founded on the principles of Christianity. YOU ARE THE MINORITY!!! So, let me get this straight, 85% of the population should not mention the words “Merry Christmas” nor celebrate the birth of their savior because of a handful of non-believers? How is this fair? It’s not as if the believer said the words “f*** you!” Atheists expect 85% of the people residing in this country to bow down to their beliefs because our beliefs offend them. Again, how hypocritical can you be? If you are so sensitive to Christmas, what it means, what it represents, and to someone mistakenly assuming you celebrate the holiday, then you are a gigantic spoiled rotten baby. No one promised you would never be offended by anything in this life. Grow up! You are the intolerant ones.

Speaking of intolerance, I have been appalled by the recent boycotts of Chick-fil-A restaurants across the nation. First of all, Chick-fil-A was established in 1967, probably before many of you were born. It was founded from the beginning by a Christian who promoted Christian values. This fact isn’t something which JUST came into being. The reason Liberals, in particular, are boycotting Chick-fil-A is because the owner does not believe in the rights of gays to marry. The owner of the restaurant is an elderly man. Not sure how old he is, but my best guess would be well over the age of 75. This man grew up during a time period when people were not allowed to be openly gay. Let me ask you this: How do your parents and/or grandparents feel about gay marriage? Do they approve of it? If not, would you want people to boycott their business because of their personal beliefs? Would you want to be boycotted in some form due to your personal beliefs? If not, then maybe you need to rethink your view regarding boycotting another person for his/her beliefs.

And I keep hearing the argument that, “well, this organization provides financial support to anti-gay organizations.” Who’s money is it? It’s his money that he earned, and it’s his right to support any group he chooses, just as it’s your right to donate your money to organizations of your choosing. What it boils down to is that you don’t agree with his viewpoint therefore you choose engage in hate and intolerance. Do not claim to be liberal minded when you hate and engage in intolerance of anyone who doesn’t believe the way you think they should.

Let me clarify something before I carry on further. I am pro gay rights. To me, love is love, and the union of two people in a committed relationship is a beautiful thing. I understand the reasoning behind gays wanting the rights to marry. They should have the rights that heterosexual couples have to benefits, to make decisions about their partner’s health in terminal situations and such. But not everyone feels the same, especially those of an older generation such as the founder of Chick-fil-A restaurant. But I don’t feel the need to stifle anyone for his/her beliefs. From what I’ve seen, the chain has been unaffected by the boycott anyway, so the point is mute.

There is an all out assault on Christianity nowadays, and frankly, I’m tired of it. Throughout the history of Christianity there have been faithful martyrs who have been forced to sacrifice their lives for their faith in Jesus Christ. With the direction we are heading in this country, we may be facing martyrdom due to our faith in the not so foreseeable future. The mark of the beast is well on its way with the advent of the human microchip. No one of true faith will participate in allowing themselves to be chipped. The attack on our religious freedoms furthers itself with every passing day. We knew this time period was coming though, and we are fully prepared to stand up for, by, and with our Creator and the teachings of His son, Jesus Christ.

For non-believers I’d like to remind you that your time here on earth is very short when compared to eternal life. At the risk of cramming my beliefs down your throat, as you so often whine that we do, I appeal to you to rethink your views regarding God. Not saying you necessarily need to convert to any religion or become a “Bible thumper.” I am a woman of faith, but not a “thumper”, nor am I a member of any religious sect. But I know in my heart that there is ONE GOD who created everything. Believing in God is about faith, not proof. So many non-believers scream for absolute proof that there is a God. If you cannot see God and how He works in your everyday lives, how He made everything align perfectly from each stalk of wheat having an even number of grains, to the fact that the earth rotates around the sun perfectly, then you may never grasp the wonders of His work and creations. Personally, I would find that a sad and empty existence.

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You’re probably wondering what in the heck a “quib” is, so I’ll fill you in on that
right from the start.  I’m sure you all are
familiar with the word “quip”, meaning “a clever and taunting remark”.  Well, my personal clever and taunting
remarks are “quibs.”  Not to be boastful, but when
it comes to popping off clever and taunting remarks, I am able to hang with
the “big dogs.”  Then again, there are
times I can almost hear a bummer buzzer going off in my head when I say or write
phrases I feel are very clever and I just get funny looks, blank stares, and
no comments.  Ouch!  When that happens, it’s called a quip fail; thus
the word quib.   I’m not claiming that all of my remarks are clever
(although they are usually quite successfully taunting.)  Today’s quibs are observations, ideas, suggestions, and opinions, which may or may not cause you to think, laugh, or
respond, but hopefully will be entertaining to you if nothing else.  So, without further ado, here are some quibs for you to snack on.

The first quib I’d like to present regards the hikers who were just released from
an Iranian prison after having been accused of spying for the U.S.  I’m just going to say how I really feel (that’s called quibbing), without holding back.
The next time 3 idiots decide to go for a nature hike in Iran and get
caught, I think we need to leave them there and not waste our tax dollars, time
and energy with bailing them out of Iranian prison.  We’ve got GREAT places to hike right here in America!  Did you know that?  There’s still plenty of room for nature
hiking in this big ol’ place, but nooooooo, that wasn’t good enough for
the 3 stooges.  The word that came into mind when I first heard of these 3 getting thrown in jail for hiking in Iran was “stupid.”  Now, why would any American
in his/her right mind decide to go for a leisurely hike in IRAN???  “Oh, but Darla, they didn’t mean to go into Iran”, I hear you say.  But what
countries surround Iran?  Iran is surrounded by other nations who don’t particularly care for America/Americans, duh!  What should have occurred once
those hikers were released and reunited with their families, after the hugging
and kissing, should have been a good old fashioned spanking for being so

Next, I’d like to quib about the latest blonde woman to have gone missing in
Aruba, Robyn Gardner.  Okay, I understand why it was a big deal when Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba.  She was an innocent teenager on her senior
class trip.  Holloway was young and inexperienced, so I find it a lot easier to sympathize/empathize with her situation which had such a tragic outcome.  I find
it much more difficult to sympathize with Robyn Gardner for several
reasons.  One, she was a 35 year old woman who should by that age have the common sense not to go off to a foreign country with a man she hardly knew.  Two,
Gardner had a boyfriend at the time she took off with this other guy for a
fun-filled getaway.  Now, the fact that she had someone in her life who loved and cared for her, yet she couldn’t resist the flashy opportunity to take off on trip with another man; sorry but that speaks volumes to me about her character.
“Oh, Darla, you’re judging her!” No, not judging, observing, there is a difference.  I hope with sincerity that Robyn is found safe and alive, but with the passing of time, that becomes more and more unlikely.

Another thing that bothers me about the Robyn Gardner issue is the way our media feels
the need to update us daily regarding her case. What makes Robyn Gardner’s missing person’s case any more important than other missing women’s cases?  Is it
because she’s a pretty, white, blonde woman?  (I mean no offense toward my blonde friends!)  It just seems like when it comes to missing
women, there is always more hoopla when the women are white, especially if they
happen to be pretty and blonde.  It just sticks in my craw how the media stays on this particular case when I know for a fact there are plenty of other beautiful (because all of us are beautiful) missing women who aren’t getting any media attention at all.  The lives of ALL women who are missing are equally important, though perhaps their stories are not as “glamorous” as Ms. Gardner’s.

Well, folks, those are my quibs for today.  I will
be making my quibs a fairly regular part of my “Awakening” blogspot, so please
keep checking my site for more!  I won’t
always post all of my blogs to Facebook, which is why you need to check my site
on a regular basis.  You don’t want to
miss a word!  Have a safe and happy Sunday!  🙂


P.S. The next time I misspell the word “clever” 5 or  6 times in one paragraph, will someone please bring that to my attention!  I was re-reading my blogs today and noticed that I spelled “clever” like “cleaver” every time I spelled it.  It bugs the crap out of me when I see misspellings and grammatical errors in my blogs.  Thanks!

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Today’s Rambling Thoughts

It has taken four decades, but at last I have
finally accepted the fact that not all people are going to adhere to the
idea of treating others in the way they would want to be treated.  The “Golden Rule” isn’t something everyone
subscribes to, which is unfortunate in my opinion, but alas is still a sad fact of life.  Let me say upfront,
I am just a guilty as anyone of behaving like an asshat from time to time, but I
am also capable of recognizing when I have been an asshat.  Not everyone can do that, nor do they even
care to.  I find myself at times very
disheartened with the way people have become so narcissistic and self-centered
these days.

There is a fine line between being self-confident
and narcissistic.  It’s always a positive
thing for people to love themselves for who they are, for their achievements,
for being in a great place in life, or just for being alive.  But self-confidence becomes narcissism when
people have to constantly have attention, or to constantly remind everyone of
how “awesome” they are.  (And yes, I have been an asshat
and behaved in narcissistic ways many times; I’m not an exception.)  But there are people who never realize how
much time they spend trying to convince others, including themselves, of how
great they are.  To me, having to
constantly remind everyone else of how great one is actually reflects the opposite of self-confidence; it reflects

I think one of the most positive ways to bring
about confidence in oneself is to lift the spirits of others when
possible.  It can be as simple as giving
someone an honest compliment, a
smile, or a hug.  Also, it is always a
win-win situation when we take the time to listen to a friend in need, without
having to in return vent our own needs.
That can be so difficult to do sometimes!  But you’d be surprised how just listening,
without interfering can work wonders within someone who’s having a hard
time.  Not only does it make the friend
feel a lot better, it makes oneself feel good knowing we’ve contributed to
lifting another’s spirit.  Truly
listening to others is an art, and as with any kind of art, being good at it
takes consistent practice.

Treating others the way we would want to be
treated is an art form as well.  It’s too
easy when we’re feeling particularly emotional to allow ourselves to behave
badly.  And I speak from personal
experience.  When I write blogs like
this, do not misconstrue that I am speaking from a soap box of
superiority!  I know my flaws better than
anyone else, believe me; and I own them.
I’m simply presenting food for thought and discussion.  One thing about me, is that I can’t help but “keep
it real” with regards to my feelings and emotions.  Whatever I’m feeling in the moment, God and
everyone else is going to know it!  There
are three things I suck at: 1. Lying,  2.
Putting on a good poker face, and 3. Faking the way I’m really feeling.  Some people can remain cool as a cucumber on
the outside, yet be raging mad on the inside.
I could never do that.  Plus, I
wonder if that is always a good way to be.
I mean, is suppressing emotions healthy in the long run?

I think it’s about taking negative emotions and
using them in a positive way, as opposed to doubling the negativity by responding
with an equally negative action.  Again,
that’s often difficult to do.  When
someone hurts us, it’s often an immediate desire to lash out at that person to
inflict an equally hurtful feeling inside of him/her.  But all that does is stack negative on top of
negative.  It takes a lot of self-control
to respond to negative emotions in a positive way.  Again, it’s something which takes

Now I’d like to move on the “Golden Rule” as it
applies to intimate relationships.
Everyone who knows me knows that I’m single and have not ever taken the
plunge into the whole marriage/kid thing.
At the age of 42, I am a rarity, at least in these parts, because there
just aren’t many of us.  I could list any
number of reasons why I’m still single at 42, but that’s not the point.  Throughout my life, the only couples I’ve
ever known who’ve married, had children, and stayed together until death do us
part, are elderly couples, those within my grandparents generation.  Call me jaded, but from my viewpoint, nothing
lasts forever.  I haven’t been involved
in a serious relationship in a good while, but have had the privilege of living
vicariously through others. (lol)  I
cannot count the times I’ve heard this statement come from the mouths of both
male and female friends in the dating scene, “he/she was just too nice.”  That kind of statement crawls all through me
when I hear it.  Unless someone is
behaving like a church mouse, what exactly constitutes “too nice?” Is being
polite and courteous too nice?  Is
treating one with respect and dignity too nice?
Is doing nice, sweet things to show someone you care too nice?  Well, then go date an asshat!!!  See how far you get with that!  Geez, wake up!  An intimate relationship is supposed to feel
good, not bad; therefore I don’t understand that “he/she’s too nice” crap.

You see, I used to participate in stating the very
line that repulses me so severely now.  “He’s
too nice!”  When I was a really young
woman in my early 20s, I think being an asshat was one of the strict
requirements of any guy desiring to date me.
I remember a guy back in those days who was super nice, very
responsible, polite, well-dressed, good-looking, and clean-cut.  I mean, he was the guy your mama hoped you’d
bring home.  This guy was smitten with
me.  And me, being a silly, immature, asshat
liker, I was having none of that.  Not
only would I not have anything to do with him, I sometimes treated him like
crap, just because I could.  The 42 year
old me can look back and see how I probably passed up what might have been a
healthy relationship for me in favor of dating the “bad boy” asshats.  There you go, that’s one of the reasons I’m
single at 42!  I simply refused to make
healthy choices.  This is why I warn all
the young women, and guys for that matter, that I know not to dismiss the “nice”
ones.  You will never be the one to
change a “bad” boy or girl.  Change is
something only the person living the life can make.

But alas, I have digressed.  I believe in all relationships, whatever the
level, if we take the time to regard the feelings of others before we speak
and/or act, we could avoid unhealthy communications altogether.  Again, it’s easier said than done, and I am
just as guilty as anyone of not thinking first before speaking/acting.  I believe that by living one’s life according
to the principle of the “Golden Rule” we eliminate narcissism by default.  I feel that practicing this principle in our
daily lives is the key to maintaining healthy relationships and self-esteem,
peace of mind, and a happy heart.

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Once You Are Awake, You Cannot Go Back to Sleep

I would like to begin this blog with a little explanation about my personal
awakening. But before I get into my awakening, allow me to first give a bit of
background information about myself and my beliefs. Growing up, I believed in the whole “America is the greatest country in the world”, land of the
“American Dream”, “Home of the free and the brave”, yada,
yada, yada. From the time I was old enough to vote, I always voted for the
Democrat and held fast to Democratic views and political ideals. To this very
date, I have never voted for a Republican. I was of the mindset that all
Republicans were rich, white, and selfish, and all Democrats were giving,
caring, and sharing individuals of mixed races. Well, since my awakening, I
have come to realize that both parties have the same agenda, which is to
maintain their status and control at all costs. I equate the word
“politician” with “liar”, “cheater”, and “thief.” The words “honest politician” are an oxymoron, as there are only a handful of politicians who might be honest, and if they are honest, once they get to the big house, they change. I don’t know what it is about power that turns people into greedy war mongers, and I pray to God that I never find out. I’m sure that won’t be a problem I will have to concern myself with any time soon.

To be honest, the realization that both parties are equally sinister came to me
through listening to the radio program Coast to Coast AM. I have been listening to CTC AM for several years, and although the show does not revolve around political issues, it does host many conspiracy theorists that have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two political parties which have been governing the United States since forever, are actually playing on the same field. The goal of keeping us divided and bickering among ourselves based on class system, race, and religious views has been more than accomplished, and they continue to play us against one another to this very day. You see, keeping us divided makes us weaker as a nation. If we cannot stand together, then we cannot fight against a totalitarian, out-of-control government.

Now that I have awakened to the ultimate goal of complete government control of United States citizens, I cannot just sit back and allow it to happen without going down kicking and screaming. I don’t understand how people still view this country as the “land of the free and the brave” when we see how the government has intruded into our privacy and attempted at every angle to
prevent us from actual freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy are a farce when we have cameras on every street corner of large cities in this nation. They are a farce when government controls the entire farming industry. They are a farce when government controls freedom of speech, which they have done by giving us two mainstream choices for receiving our news: FOX and MSNBC. Our government maintains complete control over what we are allowed to know, which is why I have turned to alternative forms of news media for my informtion.  In the following paragraphs I present examples of how our government is fastly becoming a totalitarian one that is definitely not “for the people.” 

First, I’d like to address how our government controls the farming industry.  Let me inroduce you to a company called Monsanto.  Monsanto is a corporation which controls 90% of genetically modified seeds in the United States.  Monsanto requires all big farmers who produce goods for the mass population of the US to purchase seeds from it.  In fact, if farmers are caught using their own seeds, they will be immediatly shut down and sued by Monsanto.  It is Monsanto’s goal to control everything we put on our dinner table, and it actively goes after organic farmers on a regular basis.  If that isn’t a monopoly, then I don’t know what is!  The links below are a starting reference point for you to research Monsanto and it’s activities for yourself.  Basically, it does not want Americans to have access to or knowledge of non-genetically modified foods.  It also goes after corporations who proclaim the health benefits of natural foods.

Genetically modified foods are in large part to blame for obesity, diabetes, and cancer epidemics in this country.  The foods we eat today, which includes meats, vegetables, and fruits, are not the same foods our parents and grandparents were raised on.  Let’s use chicken breasts as an example.  A real non-genetically modified live chicken will produce a breast slightly larger than a deck of playing cards.  A genetically modified live chicken, however, produces a breast half the size of a dinner plate!  What the hell do people think occurs within a human body when comsuming genetically modified meat?  It’s going to get FAT!  DUH!  Even if people become vegans or vegetarians, unless they eat completely non-genetically modified fruits and vegetables (those not grown using genetically modified seeds), then they are not going to be much healthier than their carnivorous friends.  And the pesticides used to kill bugs and disease are certainly not healthy for human consumption.  I don’t care how much one washes them, you can’t tell me that pesticides do not penetrate into the skins of fruits and vegetables.  Fake food consumption is in huge part to blame for the increase in health issues of people in this country.  And the saddest aspect of this fact is that fake food is always cheaper than real food.  It costs more to purchase organic fruits and vegetables, and non-genetically enhanced meats.  That is no accident folks, so wake up!

Now let’s proceed into how the FDA is trying to gain complete control of us. The fact of the matter is, pre-FDA, people used holistic methods for the treatment ailments. Once the FDA came into play, people began turning to them it for guidance regarding medicines/foods. Flash forward to, roughly the 1980s would be my best guess, when people started to realize that they could turn to vitamins and natural supplements for, not treatment, but preventative maintenance of disease. Well, the FDA couldn’t STAND the fact that many people turned to natural supplements for preventative maintenance of disease and that the revenue from supplements wasn’t going to it. So now it wants to regulate supplements, possibly even to require a prescription in order to buy them. Sickening isn’t it? If you do not believe this, please do your research on it, but I have provided a link for a reference point. .  They also do not want people to be
aware of possible natural treatments/preventative maintenance for cancer,
because cancer is the main disease which keeps Big Pharm in business.

Last, but not least, I would like to address how our government is using fear tactics to control us.  First of all, even though it was Al Qaeda members who flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings, I believe that our government had prior intelligence about this plan and that it allowed it to happen.  In order to gain control the people of the United States and to abolish democracy, our government had to create mass fear of some kind of enemy.  It chose Al Qaeda.  Then it created a branch of US government called Homeland Security and launched a war against this big enemy.  Our government wanted us to be dependent on it for our supposed “protection”, and well, mission accomplished!  After the supposed “shoe bomber”, it created the TSA.  So far, the TSA has not stopped any terrorist activity and has only served to harass regular, everyday Americans.  Anyone who believes the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA are in force for our protection is foolishly mistaken.  These organizations are part of a Globalist agenda to gain control of United States citizens, period.  If we are stripped of our privacy, our dignity, and personal sense of security, we are left vulnerable and open to complete government control. 

I remember growing up during the cold war era, how Americans thought life must be awful in a place like the USSR.  We thought our government could/would never probe into our lives the way the KGB did to its people.  Yet, here we are passively accepting the Patriot Act.  We are giving up our rights on a daily basis by allowing our government this kind of control.  We are giving up our Constitutional rights in return for a police state, and wrongly believing it is for our own protection.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not sit here and dwell on these issues 24 hours a day. However, I do think about them every day, and I do want to inform people of the truth about what is going on in this country which they may not hear via mainstream media. If one wants the truth, one has to turn to alternative news sources to get to it. Please do not believe everything you hear in the mainstream media, because it is only half truths at best. Government secrecy is at an all time high, and we are heading toward living in a country controlled by the “thought police”. I could go on and on listing ways in which
the US has come so far from an actual democracy, but I will stop here for
today. Believe me, there will be plenty of blogs written on the subject, which
is the purpose of this blogspot in the first place. I will occasionally publish
blogs not related to Awakening, but for the most part, that is the basis of my
blogspot. I just want people to wake up too, before it’s too late and we become
a police state.

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First Hand Perfect Example of OVER POLICING

Friday during our afternoon break at work, a volunteer police car drove through our parking lot.  The police car stopped behind a vehicle parked in a spot marked “handicapped.”  Two very elderly men got out of the vehicle, circled the car parked in the spot, and then began taking pictures of it.  Now at the time, the car did not have a handicap tag hanging from the rearview mirror, as is required in order to use handicap parking spots; but those of us who were outside at the time informed the wanna be cops that the person who owned the car was in fact handicapped.  It didn’t matter to those fascists though, because they wrote a ticket anyway.  We even pleaded with them to remain there long enough for us to get the owner of the vehicle so as to prove that the ticket was unnecessary.  They flatly refused to wait.  I guess they felt too proud of themselves for having done their “civic duty.” 

The company is well aware of who has permission to park in the handicap parking spaces, and it watches those parking spaces on a daily basis.  It is perfectly capable of handling those who park in them illegally.  What need was there for those wanna be cops to come through a private parking lot just looking for someone to pick on?  What crime did they prevent?  What did they accomplish by their actions?  Did they sleep a little better last night knowing they harassed an innocent person?  There have been times we’ve had trouble with people breaking into cars in the parking lot, where were the wanna bes during those times?  Wouldn’t they serve the community more efficiently by actually stopping CRIMINAL activities, as opposed to knit-picking over a handicap parking spot?  GEEZ!!! 

We do not need over-zealous wanna be cops roaming the streets harassing innocent people.  Those old men would better serve the community by relieving themselves of their fake badges and joining in a nice game of Bingo or shuffle board. 

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Wake Up! (The Globalist Agenda)

All I can say regarding the US Navy SEAL helicopter which was downed today in Afghanistan, killing 30, including those who participated in the supposed assassination of Osama bin Laden, is how VERY convenient!  God rest the souls of the men who were sacrificed today for the sake of a government so severely wicked that it would do anything to keep the war in Afghanistan hot.  When the American people were finally starting to wake up to the fact that we really needn’t be in Afghanistan, nor Iraq any longer, things just happened to take a turn for the worse.  How convenient!  We will NEVER see an end to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya because the globalist powers that be want them to continue at all costs.  It doesn’t matter who they pawn in the process toward accomplishing their agenda, which will ultimately be World War III.

And I’m sorry to be the harbinger of gloom and doom, but there also will be no end to our failing economy.  You see, the Globalist Agenda will not allow our economy to heal, because the goal is a world economic collapse.  If the United States is “taken down” economically, it will cause the grand world economic collapse, (well, with the exception of China),  therefore ensuing the “need” for a One World Government.  It is yet another ploy on the end of big banking and big politics to gain control of the world population at large.  A huge part of the plan to gain control of US citizens in particular, includes keeping our military busy in so many other places that we are left all but helpless here on our own soil.  You think it’s an accident that we are currently participating in 3 wars?  

When our economy hits rock bottom and the dollar officially becomes worthless, there will be chaos in this country, just as there has been in Greece and other nations who’ve experienced economic collapse.  People will riot in the streets, and that is when martial law will take effect.  What little military we have left on US soil will be here strictly for the purpose of manhandling and corralling its own citizens.  Best to hunker down and bare with it if/when this happens.  We thought life as we know it went out the window with 9-11, but it will be small potatoes comparing to what life will be like post US economic collapse.  It will literally come down to people fighting over a loaf of bread.  At that point, we will no longer be the once strong and proud first world United States of America.  We will wake up to find ourselves  living in a third world country.  Those on top will remain there while the rest of us will be but little roaches under the soles of the Globalists’ feet. 

It weighs heavily on me that your typical American Joe and Jane Schmo cannot see the big picture of what is happening to our country.  I implied earlier that the Globalist Agenda began with 9-11, but that isn’t exactly so.  The plan for a One World Government has been in the works for decades, if you look back.  We all know the assassination of JFK was no accident, and we also know Lee Harvey Oswald was a total patsy, just as he stated the day he was apprehended.  The assassination of JFK was yet another “convenience” to our government.  He simply knew too much and wanted to let the rest of us poor saps in on it!  Any big official who planned to spill the beans to the roaches were to be eliminated.  Any political leader viewed as a potential whistleblower past and future will not be allowed to live long enough to do so.  

I do not believe for ONE moment that the downing of the Navy SEALS helicopter today was the work of the Taliban.  It’s simply much too convenient for the exact men who supposedly killed Osama bin Laden to have perished in the attack.  This is yet another cover-up for dark and evil black operations on the part of the Globalists.  They are feeding us pure s**t, and we are lapping it up!!!  They are laughing in our faces as their plans fall into place, and Americans are too focused on the television show “Big Brother” to pay attention to the REAL BIG BROTHER!!!  

This is a call to everyone and anyone who wants to save what is left of life as we know it!  If you want to maintain and sustain any semblance of freedom, you have to first wake up to the Globalist Agenda.  They CAN BE STOPPED!  But we can only stop them by taking the blinders from our eyes, standing together, and refusing to accept being treated like insignificant worker ants!  We cannot allow ourselves to become pawns in their game any further than we already have by passively accepting the Patriot Act and the TSA.  We have to plant the big sole of our collective feet straight in the buttocks of the Globalists by letting them know we are on to them, and we aren’t going to stand for enslavement.  We have to let them know that we WILL NOT accept innocent people being used as pawns in their sick, twisted, evil game.  They pawned those Navy SEALS who died in the crash today because they knew too much.  I will never be convinced otherwise.

Please see video below:

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On Friendship…

 Throughout the
years of the adventure that has been my life, I have seen many people come and
go from it, from really close friends to casual acquaintances.  We all have friends who we can truly call
lifetime comrades, and then there are those who are friends for just a season
or two, then move on.   I’ve learned from years of practice, some hits
and misses, what it takes to be a friend.
One aspect to friendship that is required for maintenance is nurturing.  It is impossible for friendships to survive
without the involved parties nurturing the friendship, at least fairly equally.  In
the past, I have felt the need to excuse some friends from my life because the
friendships were not even close to being evenly yoked.

For example, I have an ex-friend who was in my life for
17 years.  (Don’t worry, he’d never read
this blog, as it would entail giving attention to someone besides
himself.)  He was one of those people I
thought I’d never tire of having around, because he was hilarious, and we did
nothing but laugh and act like fools when hanging out with one another.  It was pretty clear from the get-go of our
friendship that this guy was completely narcissistic and had an ego that went
WAY beyond simply loving oneself.  The
guy HAD to be the center of attention constantly, even if he was making a
complete ass of himself, as long as people were watching him, it was all
good.  He and I and a couple of our other
friends once decided to form a band.  Of
course, he HAD to be the “front” man, and not only did he want to be our lead
singer, he wanted to be the lead guitarist.
However, he REFUSED to learn guitar chords!  He’d pick up that guitar and just MAUL out
sounds from bowls of hell!  He didn’t
have the desire to actually practice and learn how to play.  No, in his mind, he was already a rock star
simply by default of his own perceived “natural” talent.  I hate to admit this, because he was so ugly
inside, but the guy was quite striking in looks, and I know he believed that
was all he needed to be successful.

The rest of us in the band knew how to play our instruments.  We weren’t perfect, and we weren’t rock
stars, but we took the time to practice and we got pretty good, except for
him.  He was impossible to work with,
because he was critical of our work, yet he couldn’t even play.  All he knew how to do was scream into a
microphone.  Needless to say, we got sick
of working with him and disbanded.  I
almost broke off our friendship then, but decided to hang in there.

Flash forward a few years—we are both in our late 30’s,
I have a steady income and my own place and he is living at home with his
parents and jobless.  He wouldn’t look
for a job, as he was content living off of his parents, yet putting them down
with every other word out of his mouth.
He’d talk to me about what losers his parents were and how he never
wanted to be like them.  I thought, “Oh,
so you don’t want to have a job and earn a living like those poor losers, huh?”  During the phase he lived at home with his
parents, refusing to seek employment, he was often bored and would letch on to
me for his source of entertainment.
Well, I worked 40 hours a week!
He’d get upset if I didn’t want to party hardy until 2:00 a.m. on a
Wednesday night.  That meant I was
getting old and becoming a loser.  Then
he started bumming money off of me almost weekly.  Nothing big, $10 for gas, beer, or
cigarettes, but over time, $10 at a time turned into more money than I was
willing to part with, so I cut him off.
I got to the point of not answering his phone calls because I knew he
would be calling to borrow money, borrow a CD, a book, what-have-you.  It was always an “I need”, or “can I borrow”
phone call, and sometimes late at night after I’d already gone to bed.  He didn’t care if he woke me, because his
needs were always more important than the needs of others.

After a period of time of ignoring his phone calls, he
took to showing up at my apartment without calling.  I refused to answer the door.  Eventually, I did answer one of his calls,
and let me tell you, the guy laid into me with an all out assault on my
character, what a loser I was and how I was going nowhere in life.  He called me “just a Waco hick”, even though
he’s just a “Waco hick” himself.  I mean,
he let me have it for having cut him off.
I basically told him to go to hell and never contact me again.  Believe it or not, the idiot tried a couple
of times, but I had made my decision about him at that point.  I never wanted to see or talk to him again,
and I still do not want to have anything to do with him, because he’s the
ultimate user.  I don’t need people like
that in my life.  It was easier for me to
tolerate people like him when I was young; but the older I get, the more I cut
soul-sucking vampires such as him out of my life.

Friendship has many aspects to it, and I don’t expect
them to be tit-for-tat.  But when one gives
and gives and another takes and takes, never giving back, never nurturing, it
may be time to make the difficult decision to end the relationship.  A friend is someone who lifts us up when we’re
down and supports us in our endeavors.  Friends
want us to be successful and happy in life.
Friends stand by us through the storms and trials of life, as well as
our triumphs and successes.  And they
never even entertain the idea of
stabbing us in the back or hurting us purposefully.  A friend does not have to put another friend
down in order to gratify him/herself. That’s not the way friendship works!  When our friends hurt, we should feel at
least a little hurt along with them.  It’s
called empathy and compassion, two very important required aspects of positive,
healthy friendships.  And when our
friends have shining moments or periods of their lives, we should be standing
beside them, beaming with pride!  That’s
my buddy, right there, being successful and doing his/her thing!

Well, friends, I could go on and on about friendship,
but I’ll stop here for today.  I’d like
to end with this thought, this simple God-given recommendation for life, which
tells us exactly how to be a friend far better than I have in this blog.  “Do unto others as you would have them do
unto you.”  If we follow this simple
rule, it is impossible not to be a good friend to others.

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